Operation of Seamless Steel Pipe Heat Treatment for Zhejiang Minghe Steel Pipe Co.,Ltd

December 21,2018


On Sept.28th , the Seamless Steel Pipe Heat Treatment Production Line has been successfully completed the first hot trial and put into operation.

From general design, equipment supply, civil design, equipment erection to cold and hot commissioning, we offered package service of this project. The production line is equipped with compact structure, full functioning and highly automatically controlling.  Tempering, normalizing and annealing treatment etc. can be realized on the processing of steel pipe, and the product specification covers high-grade seamless steel pipe with outer diameter ofФ60.3—Ф355mm, thickness of 6—50mm, length of 6—12m, Q125, P110, L80-13Cr, L80-9Cr, N80-Q, 1340, 4140, 4130, 4145H etc.

Our engineers took advantage of the original workshop, made overall and sophisticated plans and arrangement to overcome the difficulties, and made many ground-breaking technology solutions. They combined the normalizing process of ‘rotate + spray cooling’ with ‘external spray + rotating + internal spray’ quenching process, and adopted frequency control to optimize return water which reduces the amount of quenching water. The use of integrated pressure-type water treatment process saves the floor space of water treatment and has high efficiency compared to the original treatment.