Successful Hot Commissioning of Transformation of Bloom to Slab Stainless Steel Continuous Caster by Sino-heavymach

December 21,2018


Sept. 21st, the first hot trial of the 200mm×1600mm slab stainless steel continuous caster transformation from bloom caster for Guangqing Metal Technology (GQMT) has been completed successfully. It becomes the first bloom to slab transformation project by Sino-heavymach.

This upgrading project is specially designed for GQMT, using parts of the 4-strand bloom caster equipment, the steel platform and infrastructure for the new 200mm×1600mm slab stainless steel continuous caster. Our engineers connected the line of steelmaking, refining and slab continuous casting with 1700mm rolling line to realize further process of stainless steel wide slab.

The diligent, high efficiency and good and thorough communication with the client won our engineers great appreciation and acknowledgement by all participating companies.