Russia UTP Company φ340 Pipe end hydraulic tester has started up by Sino-Heavymach

August 30,2018






  On August 9th, 2018, Russia UTP Company witnessed the φ340 Pipe end hydraulic tester successful trial test, and after a week of trail production, it shows that all indicators are in its standard. It has won the acknowledgement and has been performed to the full satisfaction of the user and marks the milestone of our pipe end hydraulic tester technology to the worldwide advanced rank.

  To simplify the structure, we adopted integrated pressurization system, a pioneering and original technology by sino-heavymach, to replace the previous pre-seal pressurization system and high pressure supercharging system. Water filling effect and effectiveness of production has been improved by innovative mold design. High precision pressure control system was innovated by our engineers who also realized eco-recycling by integrated circular waterways. The tester has a compact structure and stable performance which won high praise by our user.

    Some parameters:

    Steel pipe diameter114-φ340mm

    Maximum test pressure:70MPa