Tsing Tuo Group Co,. Ltd 8 strand stainless steel billet caster sucessfully made hot trail by sino-heevymach

August 30,2018


On august 13th, 2018, Tsing Tuo Group Co,. Ltd successfully made the first hot trail on its new 8 strand stainless steel billet caster, which will bring

a yield of 1,200,000t stainless steel billet annually. From then on, full coverage of stainless steel coil, wire and rod for Tsingshan Holding Group

will be achieved.  

Some parameters and features:

Eight strand with 180x180 mm & 200x200mm cross section, 150x150mm is reserved

2 transfers are adopted to improve efficiency to deliver slab for the last 3 strand

high frequency small amplitude non-sinusoidal hydraulic oscillation

casting slab quality tracking and decision system